Wills, Trusts & Estates

Wills, Trusts & Estates

To advise a private client successfully requires a close understanding of each client’s complex financial matters as well as individual planning expectations, requirements, and familial circumstances. In recommending an estate plan, we consider the impact of taxation both on the individual (whether will, trust, lifetime gifts or insurance) and in the business context (where a sale or buy-out may be involved). Our estate administration and probate services are provided to implement these plans. We also advise clients in contested estate matters.

Real Estate: Commercial & Residential

Real Estate:Commercial & Residential

One of the foundations of our firm has been our real estate practice which has spanned the history of the firm from our origin seventy five years ago to today. We take pride in the multitude of properties which we have assisted clients to develop into homes, schools, industrial plants, offices, stores, medical facilities, hotels, theaters, restaurants, marinas, apartments and condominiums.

We have represented lenders and borrowers to finance acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of property as well as with transactions from simple home loans to leasehold mortgages, conduit loans, securitized loans, defeasance, like-kind exchanges, and sale leaseback transactions. Our clients have come to rely upon us for our expertise in handling land development, due diligence, construction, permitting, pilot agreements, rights of way, covenants and easements. We have also handled a variety of real estate lawsuits, including municipal disputes, mortgage foreclosures, boundary line disputes, adverse possession, tax certiorari proceedings, condemnation, loan enforcement, loan work outs, bankruptcy, contract actions, title issues, and landlord tenant disputes.

We rely upon our overlapping department structure to call upon our colleagues in other disciplines for their input on tax consequences, corporate and entity formation and structure, environmental and agency practice, employment and labor issues. This experience, gained over many decades of legal practice in the Hudson Valley gives us the rare ability to provide services at the highest level possible to our clients.

Taxation Law

Taxation Law

Our tax department advises our corporate clients and private clients on issues involving estate taxation, corporation taxation, taxation of property, the tax consequences of pensions and employment arrangements and the settlements of disputes, and structuring complex business ventures. Services are regularly provided for not-for-profit corporations with their specialized structural needs and with respect to issues of unrelated business taxable income which may affect tax exempt status. We handle negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of clients and dispute resolution.

Not-For-Profit Law

Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience working with not-for-profits. We understand the special needs of the non-profit community, its management/staff relationships, the role of boards of directors, government regulation and licensure.

We have been successful in resolving many of the legal situations experienced by not-for-profit entities – corporate restructuring (mergers, acquisitions), employment (terminations, wage and hour claims, employment and independent contractor agreements, discriminatory practices, personnel policies), financial reporting (compliance opinions, consolidation issues, loans/financing), contract issues (Ability One, vendor/supply agreements, RFPs), real estate (development, purchases – Padovan hearings, sales, leasing), tax (exemption, unrelated business income tax, IRC 501 issues), ERISA 403(b) deferred compensation.

At Rider, Weiner & Frankel, P.C., we can act as special counsel on a particular matter - your corporate restructure or compliance issue, litigation defense, or as general counsel becoming familiar with your internal legal documents – certificate of incorporation, bylaws, personnel policies, pension/deferred compensation plans, programs and licensure/approvals – and proactively assisting you in managing risk by spotting legal concerns before they become costly.

Our goal is for you to attain a comfort level working with our attorneys. We understand traditional business hours are for traditional business entities – our attorneys will be there at the times and places you need us to be.