Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience working with not-for-profits. We understand the special needs of the non-profit community, its management/staff relationships, the role of boards of directors, government regulation and licensure.

We have been successful in resolving many of the legal situations experienced by not-for-profit entities – corporate restructuring (mergers, acquisitions), employment (terminations, wage and hour claims, employment and independent contractor agreements, discriminatory practices, personnel policies), financial reporting (compliance opinions, consolidation issues, loans/financing), contract issues (Ability One, vendor/supply agreements, RFPs), real estate (development, purchases – Padovan hearings, sales, leasing), tax (exemption, unrelated business income tax, IRC 501 issues), ERISA 403(b) deferred compensation.

At Rider, Weiner & Frankel, P.C., we can act as special counsel on a particular matter – your corporate restructure or compliance issue, litigation defense, or as general counsel becoming familiar with your internal legal documents – certificate of incorporation, bylaws, personnel policies, pension/deferred compensation plans, programs and licensure/approvals – and proactively assisting you in managing risk by spotting legal concerns before they become costly.

Our goal is for you to attain a comfort level working with our attorneys. We understand traditional business hours are for traditional business entities – our attorneys will be there at the times and places you need us to be.